A project for Bob Berg Designs, Ltd.

When I first joined Bob Berg Designs, Ltd. in 2015, the company's already been in trouble with a lot of staff and financial problems. Its competitors has almost put the old and genuine brand down, even close to bankruptcy. My job as a development manager is to create a brand new product that has the potential to revive the business and turn the table around. Therefore, the first ever titanium buckles were created. Although titanium jewelries is not a new idea, but since our industry was Cowboy and Buckles related, no one has ever seen a titanium buckle yet, and none has success in making buckles with such stubborn metal until then.
Bob Berg Designs has come back to the game in 2016.

Titanium Buckles

Beautiful buckles with brilliant colours and appealing lettering. Created by me and my fellow artists.


Copper Buckles

Previous product series which I remade the layouts and lettering.

Titanium Jewelries

The series that came out in late 2015. With titanium and new color schemes.