Hi There!

To be honest, I feel ashamed to call myself "artist" for everything's just started as a hobby and influented with a passion - a passion to draw.

I love to make things. Mostly self-learned, I read many books and took a lot of challenges to better my skills, yet there is a lot to learn and I'm always hungry for more... To me, drawing is to express myself and help me with daily stressfulness.

I'm looking for a client, a mentor, also want to make more friends. So shoot me a message! See you around!

Professional History

Work Experience

Bob Berg Designs, Development Manager

March 2015 - April 2016

Since I studied as a Chemist (yeah, my another hobby), I don't have many jobs related with graphic design or art. After struggling with my life choices in 2014 for a while, I quit the previous job and applied to Bob Berg Designs Ltd, a buckle and jewelry maker in Texas (factory based in Dalat, Vietnam). I applied as a graphic designer at first and my work there was making buckle layouts. After a few months, I made it lead artist and head graphic designer. Then finally, development manager. My most proudly achivement in Bob Berg Designs Ltd is to create a first and brand-new product, the Titanium Buckle series. In 2016 I left the company because the work environment has been corrupted.
Time to build something for myself, for life is short.

For my works there, click below.

Paint Tubes

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68/8 Pasteur St, Ward 4
Đà Lạt City, Vietnam

(+84) 908.523.824

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