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Die Wanze Designs

Vectors, multimedia, prints...

Graphic Designs

Graphic Designs

Pencil drawings, wall arts, paintings...

Hand Drawns

Hand Drawn


Unique designs, fast delivery and reliable quality!

Local Church Youth Group

Passionate, reliable services. They put their hearts in their products, and work with care and detail.

"Way to the Moon" Café

Good customer service. When I order something from them, I know I will get the most satisfying products. Definitely will come back.

Robert Peter Berg

Die Wanze Designs

A Small Studio in South-East Asia

When I first started this in 2016, the only thing in my mind was just an idea to build something for myself. More of an artist than a business man, I was so afraid to step into the world in which small fishes are gonna be eaten alive by bigger ones. But confident in my passion of learning and the commitment to keep improving myself, I founded Die Wanze Studio. Our main products are traditional arts - such as wall paintings, paintings, book illustrations - and graphic designs. We also make prints, merchandises like t-shirts, tote bags, mugs ect... With our hearts put into the works, we slowly gain trust and love from friends and local small businesses.

Always try our best to give the best values, we have big dreams of making this small business growth into a big company that provides oversea services. Thank you for browsing our portfolio, we hope you enjoy your staying!

DA LAT, VIETNAM | diewanze.designs@gmail.com | (+84) 908.523.824

"Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets"

Ludwig Van Beethoven